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Compliance is a huge issue in today’s retail sector, and consumers are becoming ever more concerned with where their products have come from and how they were produced, often being willing to spend more for products where that information is readily available and publicised. In order to be compliant and ensure that you’re not at risk of engaging with unethical suppliers or selling questionable products, it’s important to have complete visibility throughout the supply chain so that you can close the loop on the entire product lifecycle and maintain every touch point. Our customers have been applying our modules to do just that.

It’s Easy Being Green 

For materials with complex supply chains such as timber, without the right technology in place, recording the location and sustainability of the material sources can prove complex, but using our module has helped our customers to overcome this.

Using our Timber module, you will be able to track the source of every piece of wood used within your product catalogue, from the type of tree to its location and certification, to ensure all wood is sustainably sourced. You will be armed with the confidence to state that each one of your timber products complies with the legal requirements and can be traced back to the very tree it’s been created from. It’s not just about the products however, it’s about the suppliers behind them. Our Ethical Trade module will also help you to analyse your suppliers more closely, as our risk ratings function quickly builds an in-depth profile for each one of your partners, allowing you to address any red flags and efficiently select (and continue to use) trusted suppliers.  

The materials that move through the supply chain aren’t limited to those used in your products. Transit packaging can have a huge impact, and one of our major retail partners has reported a 25% reduction in packaging usage and a 10% improvement in container utilisation by adopting our modules. Using less containers not only lowers your costs but impacts on your carbon footprint.

It’s easy being green when you have the right tools to hand.

The Cost of Non-Compliance

We capture data and measure events at every stage in your supply chain process from sourcing services and raw-materials, through reprocessing and final delivery. Compliance programmes can often be considered costly without a direct ROI, but choosing not to focus on controlling the sustainability and ethics within your supply chain could be reducing your margins and weighing down your profits.

The supply chain is increasingly complex, but by centralising your data in our Supplier Setup and Ethical Trade modules you can clearly see which suppliers you’re working with and the trustworthy options available. Onboarding new suppliers can involve completing many spreadsheets and several sign off processes, but by using software you can reduce the time spent on the manual tasks and concentrate on getting your products to market faster. Consumers are also becoming ever more mindful and not all press is good press. Should a product be unearthed that isn’t as ethical as you first thought, not only will headlines cost you consumer trust and potential revenue, but there will also be the time costs for the team charged with the weeks or even months spent tracing the problem back to the source, and then resolving the problem. By being compliant you can mitigate occurrences and should the worst happen, know that you have collected all of the information you needed to in order to show your prior knowledge and the processes you have in place to minimise those risks.

The cost of non-compliance may be greater than you think.

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