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There is no doubt that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and there is a greater need for retailers across multiple sectors to produce a higher quantity of products at an even faster rate. This introduces challenges of communication and collaboration with all stakeholders both internally and externally, as they strive to meet targets and expectations. To overcome this and ensure demand is met, it is important that the product and sample management processes are controlled, measured and are as efficient as possible. We’ve helped our customers to do just this with our Product Lifecycle Management solutions.

De-tangling the Spaghetti

In today’s complex environment, a retailer’s product sampling requirements involves more and more parties. From the suppliers to the factories, the sourcing offices to the local office, there is a huge number of people to liaise with in order to ensure the sample creation, amendment and approval process runs smoothly. Naturally, with this volume of people there are going to be challenges; there is a higher risk of vital details getting lost and valuable time being wasted. With our solutions, retailers have been able to put a structured system in place to ensure this can be avoided.

Historically retailers have used traditional methods of communication to collaborate, such as email and telephones. But with a plethora of spreadsheets to battle with, spreadsheets that are interdependent on one another, this is typically a very messy and complicated approach. EV Cargo Technology’s Sample Management module replaces that way of working, enabling your buyers and merchandisers to unite with your product suppliers and manufacturers in real-time through a single cloud-based platform. With the ability to communicate in one place, all parties will have constant access to vital details, including sample feedback and comments. Additionally, retailers are able to work with independent test authorities to ensure they’re being compliant with regulations and have the most up to date test certificates.

It is that age-old saying that time equals money. By implementing our standardised processes and communication methodologies, you can mitigate the duplication of sample checks, be confident that the correct information is provided at all times and most importantly, reduce the time it takes to bring your products to market.

Standardising Workflow Processes

Demand is growing and it has become more important than ever to prioritise speed to market and cut out unnecessary delays in a product’s journey. From ‘cradle to grave’, a typical critical path will track a long sequence of activities throughout a product’s lifecycle to ensure the important tasks don’t fall behind schedule and due dates are met. EV Cargo Technology’s Critical Path Module goes beyond the norm, following your journey at the supplier stage and taking you all the way through to the moment your product arrives into your DC.

In a competitive market, understanding what milestones you need to achieve, when you need to achieve them by and how you’re going to achieve them is key. Without this knowledge, and a structured process in place, it becomes tricky to manage product deadlines. By introducing our stage gate methodology, where you’ll have clear visibility of the sampling, development and delivery processes, you’ll be able to mitigate any hold-ups and say with confidence that products will hit the shops, and online, at the correct time.

And with our Critical Path Module the power is in your hands; at each stage you have the opportunity to decide whether a product should continue along this journey. Introducing this process will not only quickly eliminate faulty products, but will ensure you’re increasing the return on all the other products.

It is critical that you track what matters. Our solution will do just that, helping to get the right products on the right shelves, virtual or otherwise, at the right time.

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