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In a fast-expanding global landscape, the implications of a retailer’s buying decisions are critical to efficient and effective supply chain operations. Choosing the wrong route to market can have a devastating effect on margins that are already squeezed, while failure to deliver the right products in the right place at the right time will rapidly impact the customer experience. Gut feel is no longer enough; our customers are using our tools to make more informed decisions that benefit the end consumer and their profit margins.

Being freight forwarder agnostic

Visibility, efficiency and consistency is more important than ever when it comes to the supply chain in an ever evolving retail market. So the ability to have all your freight forwarders accessing the same system in real time is going to add an additional advantage.

There is a common misconception that with every freight forwarder comes another system, whether it be theirs or yours. EV Cargo Technology’s module is designed to improve efficiencies and ease of communication and this means providing you with one simple system where you can embed data and updates from all the partners you work with. Our customers can give access to all of their partners and allow them to input data and interact with the relevant team members at various levels within your organisation, regardless of which business they work for.

This agnostic approach not only improves communication, but also saves time, money and offers a better service to your end consumer.

No more gut feel

Working out how much profit you are going to achieve from your products is an essential element of business success, but too many retailers are still having to do this on gut feel. With our Estimated Landing Cost feature our customers are able to anticipate the associated costs that come with individual products and make decisions on how to execute them to market.

Considerations such as shipping costs and closest delivery dates can all be analysed and weighed up so that decisions can be made in accordance with not only margins (based on retail price) but also lead times and promised dates. This not only means more ability to ensure a profitable margin on the product but better visibility of how and when the products will be able to get to market; which in a highly competitive retail market can be the difference between ongoing success and a dip in sales.

Described as the ‘spreadsheet on steroids’ the Estimated Landing Cost feature gives you heightened visibility of your profit margins and allows you to make accurate and essential decisions throughout the process. No more gut feel, just educated and information driven decisions.

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