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Protecting Your Brand, Your People & Your Planet

In a world where consumers are increasingly influenced by the ethical, sustainable and moral standards that a retailer embodies, businesses can no longer just rely on reducing costs and increasing profits. EV Cargo Technology’s Compliance solutions provide retailers with the tools and visibility to manage a variety of compliance programmes that could be wide-reaching. Our solutions can drive initiatives ranging from the selection and onboarding of suppliers based on their ethical, technical and sourcing conformity, through to the quality of products that are taken to market, and the sustainability of the packaging involved.


More Benefits For Your Business

How our Compliance benefits your business

Improve ethical & technical compliance

Reduce manual ‘paper’ based processes

Increase visibility of compliance risks

Sustain and protect corporate & brand image



Multiple modules to choose from

Supplier Setup

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Ethical Trade

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Packaging Compliance

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Quality Control

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Partner Collaboration

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