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About Ethical Trade

EV Cargo Technology’s Ethical Trade module enables a process allowing retailers to assign, review and report on factory classifications in order to determine audit requirements. The module allows retailers to record, store and manage the ethical audits for all factories alongside the resolution of corrective action plans (CAP). Users are alerted to audits which are missing or due to expire, empowering retailers to stay in control and supporting the opportunity to map the risk in their supply chain and manage problem areas. Configurable options for assigning factory risk ratings based on unresolved corrective plans lets the tool adapt to the retailers’ way of working, keeping them in the driver’s seat.

Increase brand protection & decrease the risk of negative press

Increase protection of your workforce

Build a trusted supplier network for business continuity

Improve quality of products

A central place for ethical audit results and processes to reside

Dashboards and notifications tailored to the user’s account to expedite the auditing and CAP process

Highly configurable automation of factory classification, and risk rating calculation

Out-of-the-box risk rating configuration that can be adapted to a retailer’s specific requirements

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