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About Raw Materials (Timber)

EV Cargo Technology’s Raw Materials (Timber) module enables key steps in the process to allow retailers and suppliers to map their products to the specific timber sources they comprise of. Initially, it allows suppliers to enter timber source data including material type, tree species, origin forest and production factory. These timber sources automatically have a risk rating calculated, based on species, origin and production factory. A retailer’s product range is uploaded into the system and suppliers map these products against the relevant timber sources. If necessary, Ethical Trade Managers can assign corrective actions to address any risks identified during the process with suppliers being able to report on progress.

Enable compliance with business and industry regulations regarding timber sources

Improve traceability of products right back to their source

Increase supplier accountability and collaboration

Identify high risk products and suppliers

Data upload tools allow large product data to be imported

Dashboards and notifications alert Ethical Trade managers and suppliers of high risk sources or outstanding actions

Configurable risk information based on country of origin, species and factory

Visualisation to give a comprehensive view of a supply chain from source through to product

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