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About Critical Path

EV Cargo Technology’s Critical Path module helps retailers ensure that a product is available by its agreed launch date. The module is configured to define all the milestones required, by merchandise hierarchy, throughout the product lifecycle whilst calculating (and agreeing with the supplier) the dates that those milestones need to be achieved by. Critical Path displays to the user a simple view of their outstanding tasks in order of urgency, allowing the ability to track which of the milestones have or haven’t been achieved and the progress of a product or range against its critical path timeline.

Reduce product lead times, and more accurately understand what those lead times are

Improve launch availability of product

Centralise critical path tracking into a single, collaborative system, removing the need for cumbersome spreadsheets

Identify bottle necks in a product’s lifecycle, whether it be a supplier that is always late, a product that always causes issues, or a particular milestone that is mis-managed.

Configure Critical Path Designs that are automatically applied to a product based on its merchandise hierarchy

Automatically calculate the dates of milestones based on key anchor points

Update dates of achievement against the milestones to accurately track against planned dates

Alert users to easily see when milestones are late (or unachieved) and use this to validate that launch dates are still achievable

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