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About Sample Management - Soft Lines

EV Cargo Technology’s Sample Management (Soft Lines) module provides visibility of where individual samples are within the fitting and testing process, as well as managing key milestones within it. Our module helps retailers enforce the production of high quality fitted products as it encourages a single, systemised way of working for buying teams, garment techs and suppliers throughout the product lifecycle. Sample Management (Soft Lines) paves the way for improvement in communication and supports collaborative working between retail teams and suppliers, whilst encouraging best practice. It will provide users with a full amendment history for each sample, laying the foundations for the potential to reduce the number of fit samples, therefore reducing sample costs and increasing speed to market.

Increase the number of fit samples processed in a single session

Decrease the time taken between first and final sample

Centralise the sampling process so that all parties are collaborating across the globe

Allow working on a shared platform and replace standalone spreadsheets

Create design specifications with detailed points of measure and grading rules

Real-time communication of fit session comments to feed into the next fit sample

Allow image upload with ‘draw on’ tools for specific, detailed annotations

Approve wash care label information with visual pictorials, ticketing and test reports

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