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About Delivery Management

In tandem with Order Management and Shipment Management, EV Cargo Technology’s Delivery Management module allows retailers to make delivery bookings, confirm delivery, as well as confirm and plan off dock storage and container restitution. This is all whilst tracking and alerting on the status of these milestones. The three modules in tandem provide visibility and control over the Purchase Orders, Shipments and Deliveries that are key in high-volume, high-value, high-impact supply chain operations.

Complete the journey of the inventory from supplier to DC

Increase speed to market by confirming exactly when inventory is delivered

Unite the trading network across retailers, suppliers and carriers/3PLs

Reduce storage costs by planning and executing container restitution

Plan delivery booking to ensure flow of stock

Confirm the booking and delivery of inventory into the DC

Confirm container restitution

Reporting to highlight late deliveries, delivery bookings and DC capacity planning

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