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About Landed Cost

EV Cargo Technology’s Landed Cost module is linked to your cloud based, version controlled tariff that holds data on all pricing information. The software takes a product’s FOB price and applies estimates of supply chain costs such as duty, packaging and logistics, to give an accurate estimated landed price in the appropriate currency. Side by side comparisons allow you to explore various routes to market, enabling you to choose the most efficient option for your business.

EV Cargo Technology’s software solution can handle all shipping modes and pack types, enabling the module to calculate how many of each product can fit into various equipment (e.g. boxed or hanging).

As with all EV Cargo Technology solutions, this software module is highly configurable. You can determine where the ‘end’ of your supply chain lies, and which additional costs to add into the total landed cost calculation (e.g. warehousing, product advertising and exchange rates).

Enquire about Landed Cost

Improve accuracy of estimated costs

Increase the intelligence behind product decisions based on estimated landed costs

Increase visibility of unexpected charges incurred throughout the lifecycle of a product and PO

Increase predicted margin on products through accurate measurements

Include warehouse costs, exchange rates, and overheads such as product advertising via configuration

Covers all modes and pack types

Calculate how many of certain product types can be loaded into specific equipment (e.g. hanging vs. boxed)

Configure the point at which landed cost is calculated to fit what is considered the “end” of the supply chain

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