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About Order Management

EV Cargo Technology’s Order Management module is responsible for the Purchase Order collaboration and visibility processes. It enables retailers to have visibility of both their domestic and international purchase orders and on-order inventory.

Comprising of key milestones such as PO Confirmation, Production Check and Vendor Booking, through workflows and RAG statuses, users are given clarity around the status of their orders and inventory at multiple points within the supply chain.

Providing a single, centralised system, Order Management alerts users of potential delays or supplier non-conformance, as well as increasing speed-to-market through visibility of pinch points in the PO process.

Reduce administrative costs

Increase the efficiency of PO milestones

Reduce the time taken to progress a PO

Increase visibility of potential delays to a PO via Product Check milestones

Tightly integrates with Shipment Management and Delivery Management

Forecast use of carriers TEU agreements through Carrier Space Projection

Track Purchase Orders at product or SKU level

Manage both international and domestic orders in a single system

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